Crane rental

Gheysens is your specialist in crane rental. Just like you, Gheysens sets high standards for your hoisting work. With over 60 years of experience in crane rental, an extensive and modern fleet and certified operators, you can count on professional handling and the most economical, efficient and safe solution for any type of assignment.

Crane rental I Gheysens

A crane for every challenging lifting job

Gheysens is an expert in lifting and transporting objects that cannot be moved manually due to their weight or size. Our crane fleet contains various cranes that make lifting and transporting any object possible.

Depending on the object to be moved, our employees will help you find the suitable crane. A strong planning team ensures that we can match a suitable crane for every object, no matter how large or voluminous. Gheysens crane rental is also the right place for small and compact assignments.

Our fleet is diverse and offers a variety of cranes to guarantee a tailor-made solution every time.

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High level up-to-date crane fleet

Thanks to our extensive and up-to-date range of mobile cranes, we can always offer the suitable crane for your lifting works. Our cranes are suitable for use both outside and inside buildings and are used in a wide variety of sectors.

Discover a selection from our fleet below.

  • Mobile All Terrain telescopic cranes.

  • Mobile tower cranes

  • Crawler telescopic cranes

  • Pick & carry electric cranes with non-marking tires

  • Mini cranes thermal or electric

  • Truck-cranes

Crane rental I Gheysens

Certified operators

You can always count on a strong team of experienced operators who make the correct assessment for each lifting assignment to help you quickly and safely. If required by the assignment, lifting plans and HQSE files are drawn up so that we can carry out the assignment in the most prepared circumstances.

With great respect and flexibility for your schedule, our trained and certified operators guarantee a professional approach to every lifting job.