Industrial relocation

Are you looking for a partner for your industrial move? Regardless of whether it concerns a factory relocation, an internal relocation of machines or a complete production line: you have come to the right place at Gheysens.

With the necessary  instructions available, we help you disassemble, move and reassemble your machines.


Gheysens: your partner for industrial relocations

An industrial move is an intensive job that you do not want to leave to just anyone. It is a challenge where power and precision must go hand in hand. Heavy equipment must be handled and moved with the utmost care. And of course this must all be done correctly. A reliable and experienced partner is therefore a must here.

You are in the right place at Gheysens: our experienced team ensures that your industrial relocation is planned and organized down to the last detail, selects the right equipment for the handling of your machines and puts experienced and motivated employees to work.

Call on our expertise:

  • Dismantling and assembling equipment
  • Lift up and down
  • Install and set up
  • Safe transportation
  • Relocating a production line

Gheysens arranges it all for you: we offer you a guarantee for an industrial move from A to Z. We take care of the dismantling and assembly of machines and safe transport so that you are operational again in no time.

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Industrial relocation I Gheysens

A tailor-made industrial move

The (dis) assembly of a machine or the relocation of an installation or entire production line must be done correctly according to your company and needs. As your partner in industrial relocation, we provide a perfect tailor-made solution.

We map out the jobsite and equipment and analyze all necessary aspects to guarantee a smooth industrial move. That's a promise.

industriële verhuis | Gheysens kranen

Gheysens in action

Find out here how we handle every industrial move professionally and with great care.

Efficiency and innovation come first

Relocating an entire factory or production line is no small feat. An entire production line and / or valuable machines must be dismantled and reinstalled in complete safety. In addition, you naturally want to get back to work with the operational side of the business as soon as possible. Thanks to our expertise, this is a piece of cake at Gheysens. We work with the most innovative and modern materials and machines so that we can provide you with high-quality services.

Just think of our compact and mini cranes, pick & carry cranes with non-marking tires for internal handling, forklifts, lifting gantries and hoists ... Our craftsmanship enables us to organize your industrial move efficiently and with an eye for detail. We guarantee execution within the agreed timing so that your production process is hindered as little as possible. Call on our expertise

Call on our expertise

Industrial relocation I Gheysens

Safety guarantee

Each company has its own security policy and production environment. Also your company. To guarantee this and the safety of our staff and the solutions applied, we have been in possession of the  ​VCA* certificate. since 2000. Thanks to this certificate, we demonstrate that we as a company meet current safety, health and environmental requirements.